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Questions That Need Answering in HD Thought

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Sure, we've already been talking draft, but we have not been talking it under the sponsorship umbrella of XFINITY. The thoughts and ideas are already flowing so much better in this high definition and cable fueled format. Seeing as how I just posted my dream draft for the Raiders, I want to use this format to get a good overall consensus on what we think will happen. Jump over for some of the questions rattling around in my head.


What round do you think Marcus Cannon will now be drafted in?

I guessed the fifth in my dream mock, but I wouldn't be surprised if he went in the late third. He could be a good pick for a team like Green Bay that doesn't have a need this season, but is dealing with aging tackles.  

If the Raiders could have any QB in this draft on their roster who would it be?

My heart says Jake Locker. I have watched almost every game he has played as a Husky, and he is one of my all-time favorite college players. He is a fierce competitor and an amazing person. I am not afraid to say I have a man-crush on Locker. However, I do have some doubts that he will be able to find the accuracy in the pocket that is required in the NFL. I also worry that his competitiveness is going to get him killed. He runs with the ball like he is Earl Campbell.

If I had to pick one QB I would go with Colin Kaepernick. I would take him if he was available at No. 48, but I don't see that happening.

Who will get the JaMarcus Leaf Award (biggest bust) of this draft?

Cam Newton. I am not convinced he will be able to read NFL defenses. He has never had to make a read other than, "Oh that guy is not open. I will run." That is not going to work in the NFL.

And finally the question of the Raiders draft. Will the Raiders trade up into the first-round?

I think Al Davis has his feelers out, but ultimately I think they are going to get priced out of it. I think there are teams ahead of the Raiders looking to get into the back end of the first-round. Teams like the Broncos, Bills, Cardinals, Titans, 49ers and Redskins who may all try to leap frog each other to grab a QB from that pack of first/second-round talent. And all of these teams will be able to offer better trade packages than the Raiders.

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