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2011 NFL Draft Schedule: Broadcast News and Thread for Viewing Venue Discussion

The 2011 NFL Draft is moments away. How and where are you all going to watch it? I know people have discussed viewing venues in other threads, but I thought I'd open up a thread for last minute planners to get together and discuss. I'll be watching from couch with my computer on my lap while convincing my almost year and a half old son why the Raiders are the greatest thing in the history of the planet. I'm in Seahawk territory—this early brainwashing is important if I don't want him to fall prey to a life of rooting for a ridiculously inferior team. 

So, for those of you watching at home like me we have several options. Pre-Draft coverage has already begun on the NFL Network and ESPN. The Draft will be broadcast on both networks and is set to begin at 5 pm (PST).  The Draft is expected to last until 8:30 pm(ish). And of course tonight is just the first-round.

Coverage of the second and third-rounds resumes on Friday at 3 pm (PST). Again both the NFL Network and ESPN will air it. ESPN will switch coverage to the deuce at 5 pm. And that coverage is expected to last until 7:30 pm(ish). We then jump to a short turnaraound for rounds 3-7. They begin at 9 am (pst) on Saturday. Again both will be on the NFL Network and ESPN.

Another option is They will be streaming the Draft live. Whose Draft coverage do you like better? I plan on switching back and forth. I will probably spend more time on ESPN. I like listening for things I can make fun of Mel Kiper for, and Jon Gruden rocks. However, I can only take so much of Chris Berman at this point.