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Oakland Raider 2011 NFL Draft: Open Thread

Here it is Nation, Al Davis has insinuated that he may get back into the first round so this makes tonight's draft very interesting. Who knows, he may just go for broke and trade away the rest of the draft for the guy he wants, (A bad idea), but, very Al-Like, or he may just sit back and wait to move up in the second.

This I do know, Kape should be gone tonight.

I think that Marcus Cannon, the tackle who was MOST likely to be around at #48 that the Raiders would want, being off the table could shake things up immensely.

Even more so, I am looking to see how well, or terribly our Division rivals do. Let's hope that Denver and San Diego keep on being foolish in the first round and Kansas City somehow falls asleep and mises their pick because they have improved immensely over the past two drafts.

So, if they move up, will the Raiders be looking for Kape or a DB?

I guess that Carolina has been on the clock for a while now and they are still keeping their hand a secret. Can it be that they know they can get Newton at #3 and that the Bills want Gabbert?

The intrigue...The Drama...Yo Babby's Mama...The NFL Draft is ONE hour away!

By the way, I am live blogging from The Division Ale House in Chicago!