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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper and Todd McShay Show Raiders Ignorance in 2nd Round Mock

2011 NFL Mock Drafts, for the most part, have neglected the Oakland Raiders, and this has really limited the joy we have been able to take out of making fun of people like Mel Kiper and Tood McShay. Well, it is the Oakland Raiders draft time to shine now, and the mockers time to fail. They do not disappoint us.

First up is Todd McShay. He starts things off with a decent premise:

Teams such as the Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals, Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders are all in the market for a quarterback and could be looking to jump ahead of the Buffalo Bills, who could very well be targeting TCU's Andy Dalton at No. 34.

This is not a bad thought, and it would not surprise me to see the Raiders to make a move up for Colin Kaepernick. According to McShay the Raiders would have to move past No. 41 to do so, because this is where he has Kaepernick going to the Redskins. And this is where McShay's QB premise leads him down a deviant and dark path. 

He has the Raiders going for...wait for it...

...Arkansas QB, Ryan Mallett.

Once upon a time this would be logical projection. The Raiders are no longer in once upon a time land. Ryan Mallett simply has too much in common with JaMarcus Russell. Yes, he has the big arm Davis loves, but he also has the same issues putting the party before the game.

Mallett reportedly admitted his drug use to teams, and then followed that up by missing a meeting with the Carolina Panthers after there were numerous reports of Mallett out partying the night before. His agent denied the reports, but I for one am not buying it, and I doubt Al Davis is either. We've just been down this QB road.

In a quote I pulled from the, when Al Davis met with the media after hiring Hue Jackson, Davis shed a little insight about lessons learned from JaMarcus Russell:

"We had a big investment in this guy. Basically, he’s a good person but he’s got personal problems, and I decided that it was time that we were not going to fight it anymore. I wasn’t going to. I wasn’t going to ask the coaching staff to do it"

Davis went onto say that essentially this was a situation he would avoid in the future, but I can't seem to find that quote. And all of this is something Todd McShay has obviously not been paying attention to. I would rate the Raiders chances of drafting Ryan Mallett at a generous negative 124 percent.

Okay, onto Mr. Mel Kiper Jr.: While McShay may have whiffed on the player, at least he had a position the Raiders are considering. Mel Kiper just displayed his vast ignorance of all things Raiders when he opined they would take Oregon State DT, Stephen Paea. Here is his reason:

Oakland needs a clogger on the defensive line. The powerful Paea fits the bill.

This is just crazy talk, and we discussed similar nonsense after Gary Horton tried to tell us defensive tackle was a need. The Raiders roster is set at defensive tackle and running back more than any other position. They are returning two handsomely paid pro bowl players and they have fantastic depth behind them. The only way the Raiders are taking a defensive tackle is if he is rated insanely higher than any other player left on the board.

For what it is worth, Kiper has Kaepernick going to the 49ers at No. 45.

Also, neither man has a single offensive lineman going off of the board before the Raiders make their selection. Something that would make me very excited if I had any confidence they had any idea what they were talking about.