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Oakland Raiders 2011 NFL Draft Day 2 Open Thread

Here it is the moment we've all been waiting for! The Raiders are about to take to the clock! It was a crazy first-round with trades, reaches, missed picks, man hugs and the awkwardness of the commissioner addressing a jeering crowd.

We will be saved the commissioner's podium appearances today as former players will take to the stage to announce the picks of their former teams. For us lucky Raider fans we will have Willie Brown picking off a good player for the Raiders. 

Who is it going to be? There are a ton of quality offensive lineman on the board. The Raiders will no doubt have their pick of roughly a half a dozen linemen that would likely be able to start in Week One. They could probably even trade down and still land one of these guys.

Then there are the borderline first/second-round corners like Brandon Harris, Ras-I Dowling and Aaron Williams. And of course, there is Colin Kaepernick. Will the Raiders consider a slight trade up to land Kaepernick? Will he make it to 48? We are about to find out.

So, here you go. An open thread to let your opinions fly. Keep it lively, keep it spirited, and let's rock the Raider War Room!