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Joseph Barksdale: Oakland Raiders Take OT Barksdale in Third-Round

Joseph Barksdale, welcome to the Oakland Raiders! Barksdale is a 6'5" and 325 pound tackle with a good arm lengthof 36" out of LSU. He is a big and not exceptionally athletic tackle. He has starting college experience at both left and right tackle, but he is almost certainly going to be limited to right tackle in the NFL. There is no doubt that the Raiders needed to bring in a tackle prospect.

He has some questions about his intensity, which really runs counter to everyone the Raiders have been drafting. However, if they can get him to flip the switch this guy could be a potential starting right tackle for years. He is not the best value pick here as he was considered to be more a fourth round prospect. I think this is a solid pick. While they did reach just a bit the Raiders needed to get a tackle, and this guy has big time college experience and may be able to contribute right away. And If Hue can't get him fired up nobody can.

I couldn't find any game video for Barksdale, so we'll have to settle for this report instead.

Barksdale's a backup right tackle prospect with exceptional size but less-than-adequate athleticism for the next level. Uses his strength to stop the bull rush in pass protection, but has a difficult time dealing with double-moves or edge rushers. Can create some running room by walling off defenders but doesn't fire off the ball, get a ton of movement, or excel locating targets at the second level. Has good football IQ, picking up blitzers and staying home against stunts, but limited athleticism still causes him to be a step late at times. Developmental prospect worthy of a late-round pick.

This is certainly a less than glowing scouting report although they are a little more negative of Barksdale than most.

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National Football Post:

Possesses good overall size for the position and looks natural when asked to sit into his stance off the line. Is an above-average athlete who exhibits a good first step off the football in the run game and has the ability to quickly get around defenders and seal. Looks pretty athletic at the second level, can reach linebackers off his frame and initially push them past the play. However, doesn't seem to really understand angles. Consistently seems to overstep in tight areas and give defensive linemen space to side step his block and get up the field. Isn't a real compact or explosive puncher either. Takes far too long for him to uncoil his arms and is easily swatted at the point. However, has some natural flexibility in his lower half, can fire off the football low as an in-line guy, generate leverage for himself can create some push off the line.

Exhibits a good initial step off the football in the pass game and displays above-average range toward the corner. However, needs to do a better job getting off the snap count on time. Too often is late out of his stance and gives up the edge too easily at times because of it. Stays compact with his footwork initially even vs. speed toward the corner and can keep his base down through his kick-slide. But when asked to redirect he gets too overextended with his footwork, doesn't generate any power on his punch and loses his balance easily on contact, allowing defenders to slip his block and/or overpower him at the point.

Impression: Is a good athlete with some natural bend and power to his game. However, lacks ideal awareness, isn't real clean when asked to redirect and needs to be a more effective puncher. Has some raw talent with some upside, but I don't know if he will ever put it all together.