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Oakland Raiders NFL Draft Open Thread: Day 3

Raider Nation the final day of the NFL Draft is here, and it is going to start of with a flurry. Just like last year, the Raiders open things up with two picks in the fourth round at Nos. 17 and 28. Let's hope that this year's fourth-round delivers the Raiders a rookie nearly as game changing as Jacoby Ford?

What's in store for the Raiders this year? I have no idea, but I am pretty sure they know. It is becoming pretty clear that the Raiders knew the guys they wanted in this draft. They wasted no time handing in the cards for any of their picks yesterday. The 48th pick, Stefen Wisniewski was made without hesitation, and it was a player they and we had been talking about for months.

Al Davis then made his obligatory freak athlete corner selection in Demarcus Van Dyke, which led to the Raiders and Patriots making the only deal of the draft that happened before either team was on the clock. They swiftly took LSU's Joe Barksdale. So whose it going to be today? Who do you want it to be? 

Get ready for another exciting day. While none of these guys are the big names let us not forget that every player the Raiders took last year made the squad, and everyone except project pick Bruce Campbell saw significant time.