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NFL Draft 2011 Results: Oakland Raiders Select RB Taiwan Jones

Taiwan Jones, welcome to the Oakland Raiders! The results are filtering in, and the Raiders are really monopolizing the speed in the 2011 NFL Draft. Taiwan Jones the running back out of Easern Washington is the newest Raider, and he just may have been the fastest player in this draft. Jones was not able to participate in the Combine, but his 40 time was reported as low as 4.25 at his Pro Day.

Jones is a dynamic playmaker, and he has shades of Darren McFadden. Also like McFadden he has some durability concerns. He may not ever be able to handle a full load in the NFL. Even if he is just a part-time player Jones should find a way to contribute. He is also a dynamic return man. This is a decent value pick as Jones really turned scouts heads at his Pro Day, and some speculated he may go in the second day of the draft.

We are certainly getting to the point in the draft where you just take the best player available despite the position, but it is still a little hard to justify this pick given how loaded the Raiders are in the backfield. While Michael Bush is a free agent it appears more and more likely that the tender the Raiders placed on him will remain valid. And I am sure the first time he breaks of a 70-yarder I'll be the first person standing, and screaming, "I always loved this pick!"

National Football Post

Possesses a lean frame with good overall height, but has a really narrow build. Displays decent girth through the upper body, but looks thin through his base and legs. Is an explosive athlete, however, who gets up to speed quickly when asked to press the hole. Isn't real natural running between the tackles as he consistently is looking to bounce the football outside toward space. However, he's got a great initial burst, has a second gear to his game when turning the corner and can consistently outpace angles in space. Allows his pad level to get upright and runs too high once he gets into the open field. Will give opposing defenders too much area to get under at times when he does see a tackle coming and has taken some big shots throughout his career.

Does a better job lowering his pad level into contact when he sees the defender, displays good flexibility in his lower half and can run with good forward lean into would-be tacklers. Showcases good stop and go ability in the open field and has some natural fluidity and change of direction skills to his game. Has the ability to break down, make a man miss laterally and accelerate. However, because of his high pad level, will need to gear down in order to collect himself and doesn't always play as sudden laterally as you would expect. Also, can be tripped up easily when trying to go laterally and make a man miss because he gets too overextended with his footwork and doesn't have ideal balance to his game. Plays faster than he is quick. Is a long strider once he gets the legs going, isn't the type of compact runner you ideally look for, has very good speed, but his running style is more of a sprinter. Doesn't have the frame to be able to hold up in pass protection right away. However, he's a natural receiver out of the backfield. Plucks the football well off his frame, can get down the field in the pass game and adjust well to the football.

Doesn't have the frame that can take the type of consistent 20-plus carries in the NFL. Missed the final game of the 2010 season due to a fracture in his left foot.

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Sean1981 directed me to this highlight. Doesn't have much to do with football skills, but it is pretty sick.

Taiwan jones jump out pool backwards 3ft (via taiwanjones)