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2011 NFL Draft Results: Denarius Moore to the Oakland Raiders in Round 5

Denarius Moore, welcome to the Oakland Raiders. Well, it's official—the Oakland Raiders are now in medal contention for the 4x100 at the London Olympic Games. Denarius Moore, a WR out of Tennessee, ran a 4.37 at his Pro Day. He has decent size at 6' and 194 pounds. He obviously has big play potential, but inconsistent hands.

He has solid ball skills and good timing, and should be a vertical threat from day one. He is raw, and in need of some good coaching. His route repertoire is limited. He may actually be the best value pick the Raiders have made. Some projected his potential will slide him into the third-round. And that is the only way to really justify this pick. The last thing the Raiders need is another WR that is a limited route runner with inconsistent hands. We are definitely in the place in the draft where you take the best player available—no questions asked. If this guy develops it will be a genius pick. If he doesn't it is just another typical and wasted Al Davis speed pick.

I butchered our new Raider's name on the poll and I can't edit the poll. It is Denarius Moore and not Thomas.

National Football Post

Possesses good size for the wide receiver position and displays an impressive initial burst off the line. Reaches top-end speed quickly and has the body control, shiftiness and power to cleanly slip the bump of opposing corners either off the line or down the field and get into his route. Accelerates well for himself when asked to separate down the field as well as once he gains a step and has the ability to track the football vertically. Possesses good straight-line speed for his size and is tough to keep pace with down the field. Exhibits good hand/eye coordination and strong hands when asked to locate and go up and make a play. Consistently is able to come down with the catch while showing the type of strength to hold onto the ball through the play.

Is still developing as a route runner. Is a bit tight in the hips, has a tendency to start to drift into his routes prematurely and isn't real sharp in and out of his breaks. Will begin to advertise his routes early and isn't much more than a vertical route runner at this stage. However, he will work as a blocker on the outside, can run a bit after the catch and grades out well enough to warrant a draft pick and roster spot.

Impression: A vertical route runner who has ability to accelerate away from defenders once he slips press and makes plays down the field. Still needs to add some polish to his game, but he has enough athleticism to work his way onto an NFL roster and fight for playing time as a sub-package/vertical threat down the line.

If you want to jump to Raiders War Room to talk this pick, or anything else football or Raiders related, you can register right here (it's free, no spam, etc).

Injuries are not too much of a red flag for Moore. He got off to a slow start in 2009 due to a foot problem, but he remained mostly healthy for the remainder of his career. Moore does not have great size at 6'0'' and a generous 194 pounds, so he is going to have to develop more explosiveness off the ball since he will never get too physical with opposing cornerbacks. All things considered, look for Moore to go off the board during the third or fourth round of the upcoming draft.