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A Fantastic 2011 NFL Mock Draft:

SN Nation's 2011 NFL Mock draft has ended and I believe that many of you will be happy with the Oakland Raider selections.

Here is a LINK To The 2011 MOCK DRAFT:

The Oakland Raiders came away with Marcus Cannon, Chykie Brown, DeMarcus Love, Da'Rel Scott, Ugo Chinasa, Brian Lainhart and Bryant Browning. That is three offensive linemen, two DBs, a Running back and a DE. Not bad, but the good news for you mockers is that some of the names which we have been following closely were still up for grabs in rounds we are hoping to land them in.

Dontay Moch, Sione Fua, Jake Kirkpatrick, Quan Sturdivant, Joseph Barksdale Robert Sands (last pick before our 4th Round Pick) - Available in the 3rd

Colin Kaepernick (This will never happen), Derek Hall, Kris O'Dowd, Pat Devlin Available in the 4th

Jacquizz Rodgers, Stanzi, Ahmad Black, Doug Hogue Available in the 5th

Josh Bynes, Mike Mohammed, Chase Beeler and Brian Rolle were available in the 6th

There is also a HUGE list of UDFA's at the bottom. I think that I would have gone with:

Cannon, Moch, Kaepernick/O'Dowd, Rodgers and  Mohammed

Who would you have gone with?