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Video: Oakland Raiders QB, Jason Campbell, Talks About Team Workouts and More

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Oakland Raiders QB, Jason Campbell, was quiet in the press for a while, but he is making up lost time now. One of his recent interviews was with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and it is posted below. Among other things, Campbell addressed something we have been talking about lately: player organized team workouts. From Campbell's Twitter account we had learned that he was working out with Little Blue Pills Murphy and DHB. Campbell also mentioned that they would have a more team wide workout if the lockout persisted.

Well now that the decision on a permanent stay seems to be on a permanent hold it sounds as if they are going ahead with their workout plans. Jump over for the video and some of the key points....

Campbell mentions that he is rounding up the offensive guys and Seymour is taking care of the defensive guys. He said they have a complex lined up, and right now they are planning to get together for a week. These workouts are going to be far from full participation as it will only be players under contract. Campbell says they have about 25 free agents. By my count, with the rookies who have yet to sign, the number is 22. That is a lot of key pieces, but there is nothing that can be done about that at this point.

Campbell let's us know that he already has his playbook, and as we discussed a few days ago it is likely that he is and will be in contact with Al Saunders and other assistant coaches. He is also complimentary of DHB when asked about young "-'s" progress. He let's everyone know that he is a hard-worker and that he continues to work on his route running.

Campbell said he has talked to and expects DHB, Murphy and Ford to be at the player organized workouts. Again there is no mention of Chaz. As far as I know Chaz is healthy, but I guess they all realize that for Chaz it is more important for him to stay healthy than to get in extra work.

Among the defensive guys he mentions as already committed to the workouts is Tommy Kelly. Great success! Of all the players on the Raiders that I worry about the lockout turning into couch potatoes it is Tommy Kelly. Work him hard at these workouts boys!

And that is about the most interesting thing to take from this interview. Campbell is asked about his relationship with Cable, and he is careful not to say anything to negative. He is definitely the type to fall on cliches rather than say something negative. Campbell is very complimentary of Hue Jackson, and that the players were happy to see Al Davis promote from within after many of them were upset that Cable was let go.