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Hue Jackson Talks Oakland Raiders, Nnamdi Asomugha and Jason Campbell

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This time last year Hue Jackson was just an assistant Oakland Raiders coach, and he was not allowed to give interviews. He is giving interviews left and right now. What else is he going to do? It's not like he can talk to the players. Anyway, it is always good to hear coach talk. He recently sat down KHTK in Sacramento and that interview was helpfully transcribed by

There is not a lot of new information in this interview. Hue talks about the frustration of thinking the lockout was going to be lifted only to be back on the lockout. One of my favorite quotes comes after he was asked about how Jason Campbell finished the season:

...He [Campbell] is the face of our organization and he has to lead this organization. I was very happy that the offense was able to go from 31st to 10th I know that is a huge jump, but there's very talented players here. It's not like I came here and sprinkled magic. What I tried to do was create an environment so all these players could be what they could be. I think we've gotta do that throughout our football team. Whether it's offense, defense, or special teams, is showcase our player's talents and abilities and give them an opportunity to shine. I think if we can do that I think we're headed in the right direction

So, contrary to popular belief Hue does not have magic dust. He mentions creating an environment that will let his players succeed. We definitely saw signs of that last year. I think McFadden's breakout is due in some part to the power run blocking plays run plays that Jackson installed. I'd like to see him expand McFadden's role and potential impact even further this season and get him into passing routes more often.

The most interesting thing to watch the offense this season is how the passing game evolves. He is going to get more used to Campbell, and Campbell is going to get more comfortable in Hue's offense.

Hue was also asked the obligatory question about Nnamdi. He can't say a lot about Nnam, but he does hint at the fact that financial restraints may prohibit him from returning:

I would be crazy if I told you I wouldn't love to have him back. Sometimes as you guys know, whether it be financial reasons or other different reasons that sometimes you have to make tough decisions.