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NFL Lockout Blues 2011 v. 2.0: Doing our Part as Fans

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Pro football, like any other successful spectator sport out there, has given us a great many things and become a part of the fabric of society as commonplace as our favorite television programs, films, and books. For me, it has always offered a form of solace from an otherwise always unpredictable and inexplicable world rife with uncertain socioeconomic and political futures, and I, like the many others out there in the world earning a living, have found that the game makes it bearable, in our participation in attending and tailgating, sharing ,and otherwise forgetting about bullshit in our everyday world, in which we for the most part have little or no control over much of what dictates what will be; be it the dollar, the weather, or the misplaced fastener that buries itself in your steel-belted radial tires and changes your day, with things like football, we deal.

When that bs infiltrates that which offers us that solace, I have real problems. This message is to you, Mr. Goodell and you Mr. Smith, and you can fight over who it hurts more and vie for our sympathies as you have all you want: I absolutey refuse to buy my season tickets under current circumstances, and as time goes on and the threat of our Raiders' meteoric rise to the next level being tripped up and our season shortened, I grow ever more convinced I'll spend not a cent in dedication to the sport and it's proliferation through its branding and marketing. I've been attending games for decades, and only recently joined the ranks of season ticket holders. A fiend, I'm one of those guys who watches NFL network 24/7 and listen to mostly NFL talk radio and it remains the main reason I subscribe to SiriusXM Radio. I will be honest; this has not changed, but if it keeps up, I will make good with my commitment and move on. We all should do the same to send a real message to the league, since we remain the biggest victims of the whole charade. Hit the jump to keep reading...

I must admit: reading noontide's interview with our newest Raider to give us one in Chimdi Chekwa HERE, while watching the NFL's top traditions (the Black Hole being ninth overall), and fly overs, and tailgating, that it doesn't take much to get me fired the f up for some football. I planned on purchasing in the Black Hole this year, joining our friends Sons and Spirals, and would love to move forward with those plans, but I must resist in protest, for I do not like anything or anyone interfering with our Oakland Raiders getting better everyday. While it makes sense that such a decision would hurt the owners more at this juncture, I'm reaching a crossroads at which I will halt and refuse to take either side; most of you know where I have stood for most of the time, but they're both holding us hostage now, and I feel taken for granted as a fan, now, more than ever. In v. 1.0, I made the educated guess that the odds are stacked against the players HERE. It's worth taking a look, if only for the poll, which I am tempted to repost, but ultimately think it deserves no more of our attention, but ask myself: would results now be different? I have heard many voice a change of heart over the last week as far as parties more at fault. It's moot now, because none of that changes the threat of games interrupted, and I'm now as concerned in the interruption it causes for our squad and it's continued development in camp and via free agency.

Make no mistake here: for me, giving up even one part of this equation, like watching NFL network and listening to NFL radio, will no doubt be something like a heroin addict of the highest degree giving up that fix. I'll be forced to pour all my energy into the other ventures that offer me sanity in surfing, fishing, diving. I'll watch more MMA and UFC, and continue shaping boards and following through with a plan to make my own boards from Century trees I've collected over the years. As many of you know, I'd have to occupy the energy and time I devote daily to this blog, but like always, I'd work hard to maintain the bonds I've established through Raider Nation, and perhaps find ways with them to replace this game.

Bottom line is, I hate to even be discussing this right now. Frustration mounts, no doubt for unsigned draftees and free agents and staffs league wide as it does for us as fans. I want nothing more to look fondly on the crisply adorned season ticket package sporting two books of tickets in the best place to be in the NFL: the Black Hole. I want to be posting on how Richard Seymour is taking our young players under his capable wings once again, and how Jason Campbell is gaining his first ever second year chemistry with his team and staff. I want to hear of speed demons Jones, Ford, DHB, and DVD turning heads in camp. I want to see Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller, and Kamerion Wimbley once again in Raiders' gear. I want to know if we will seek veteran help at Will or Sam, or on the O line...

And so, I am left with no other choice. I will not purchase my season tickets, even though guaranteed but with the caveat funds are returned as games go unplayed, until the bs is finally over. As time goes on, however difficult, I will drop all my means of getting my NFL fix, piece, by piece, until the nonsense stops. It has gone way too far already, and now, it's getting personal. The hinting at allowing the league to go belly up by Goodell for me was the straw to break the camel's back.

Unite, Nation, in solidarity against them. If you are a season ticket holder and have not already purchased, resist the offers and their attempts to claim our investments in the now uncertain future. Make them give us what we want first.

Baaahhhh... my curiosity will get the better of me this time, here's the original poll results, but does it really matter who has leverage:

Who comes out ahead when all is said and done?
The owners. Billionaires sacrifice billions to make more, and these guys are no exception.
89 votes
The Players will get what they want.
18 votes
Both sides will concede some, and gain some, as in all negotiations.
187 votes

294 votes | Poll has closed