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Video: DeMarcus Van Dyke's Greatest Hits Vol. 2

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This seems like an excellent time to enjoy some highlights from new Oakland Raider, DeMarcus Van Dyke. Not only do we have the DVD interview posted below, but we just got done talking about the possible departure of Nnamdi Asomugha. What better time to keep raising the excitement over the person who, at some point, may be his replacement.

This highlight actually does little to showcase his coverage skills. In fact, in some of them he is a step behind. But let us not worry about that at the moment, and instead focus on the positive. Positives like the solid instincts, flow to the ball, big hits, and an excitement for the game.

I will say DVD may have to try and wrap up a little more in the NFL, but you have to love his attitude. I definitely come away from this video thinking that down the road, as he bulks up, he could turn into a free safety. Along with the instincts he has a solid break on the ball. Here's to hoping he masters the corner position first.