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NFL Lockout 2011: One Way or Another There Will be Football on Sundays

A while ago I came up with 23 ideas for ways to spend a Sunday if the 2011 NFL Lockout recklessly encroaches into the season and deprives us of football on Sundays. Despite my best and most sincere efforts I did not come up with one of the most obvious: move college football to Sundays.

Luckily for us greater minds than mine were contemplating this task. Pro Football Talk highlights an interview with, as they call it, Pac-10 (? I'm pretty sure it is officially Pac-12 now) commissioner, Larry Scott, gave with the radio station KTAR in Phoenix.

We certainly have an eye on it, and I think we will be flexible and opportunistic if the situation presents itself.

I hope this never comes to pass, but if the circumstances exist that would make this move possible then it is nice to know that it is out there as a safety net. It is also nice that it is the Pac-(insert number here) that is ready to capitalize on it. Jump over for more Pac-# of teams commentary....

I am sure I am not the only Pac-? fan here. It is nice to see the Pac-Whatever being proactive in its thinking regarding television. Tom Hansen, the Pac-10 commissioner until 2009, never seemed to care about the conference television contracts. It was hard watching the conference slide down notoriety on the national level, and it was hard to even follow it locally because they were never on TV.

Another thing that comes out of the above linked article is that Gus Johnson will be calling Pac-Something-or-other games next year. Great success! Gus rocks. I really don't know how Pro Football Talk failed to realize it is the Pac-12 now. I know I was counting down the days until the switch was made. I could hardly sleep while anticipating the new logo. I know I was not alone in that anticipation either. Just check out this video:

How did they come up with that new logo? Genius I tell you—pure genius. Not everyone could have just figured out to put a 12 where the 10 was. The acting and directing is really second to none as well.

The guy at the beginning who notices his shoulder has been possessed by the techno music.

The swimmer who is dancing like he has spent his entire life in the pool and not dancing.

The UCLA basketball robot who is trying to dance like a person.

And this trio has nothing on the MVP of this shoot.

The 40-year-old ASU football player who is either letting us know he left his hair on the West Side or he is ready to start a gang war with the new far East members of the conference.