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The NFL Can't Lock Us Out From Madden

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The NFL may lockout the season from starting on time, but they can't stop Madden from rolling into our living rooms on time. And it should be a decent year to be a Raider. This will be the best Raiders team the game has seen for a years. It's been a while since the Raiders rankings found them anywhere, but near the bottom. The past two seasons they came in with a 71 ranking at the debut of the game.

A few of the Raiders players are in line for a big jump. Darren McFadden and Tommy Kelly should clock in with Pro Bowl level rankings. And those jumps should not be as high as the rookies from last year. Jacoby Ford has to be in line for one of the biggest jumps as anyone in the game.

I posted a few a couple of videos after the jump. One is of Darren McFadden running people over. The highlights are actually from the 11 game, but I'll take highlights of McFadden running people in any format they want to give it to me. The second highlight is the most recent Madden 12 preview I could find.