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NFL Lockout 2011: Michael Silver Wonders Where Is the Revolt

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The longer the 2011 NFL Lockout exists the more resentful fans are going to become, and the more angst that will be pointed towards the owners. Ultimately, the fans care about one thing, and that is getting back to football. The players fought to have the lockout lifted and the owners are now fighting to keep it in place. And while both side are doing this to give them the upper hand in negotiations the fact of the matter is it is the owners that are keeping us from football as usual.

They are taking for granted the fact that fans will be there whenever they decide to open back up for business. Well, the rumblings of the fan has begun. It is still a long way from making an impact, but there are people like brhynno laying out blueprints for fans to take control of the situation. The longer the league festers in its greed driven madness the louder this kind of sentiment is going to become.

Michael Silver, of Yahoo! Sports, is doing his part to speed up the fan angst train. Silver dropped nuggets like the following on Pro Football Talk:

Why aren’t fans absolutely revolting now?. . . If you’re a fan, how can you not be mad? And how can you tell me your anger is equal or more toward the players if you’re really thinking it through? You’ve gotta be mad at the owners, and you absolutely should be voicing it in a way that puts pressure on them to get these people back in the workplace.

  Jump over for a video portion of Silver's interview....