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Video: Chad Ochocinco's 1.5 Second Bull Riding Career

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Chad Ochocinco's destination for the 2011 season is under as much speculation as any free agent. Yet the Ocho to the Cinco is under contract for 6 million bucks for 2011. Of course, Ocho and his coach don't seem to get along so well. Cincinnati also appears to be in the midst of a youth movement. The speculation is the player who dropped his Johnson will either be traded or cut. The result is we appear to have a hanging Chad.

One of the more popularly mentioned destinations for Chad is the Raiders. This is largely due to the fact that Ochocinco and Hue Jackson have had success together before and Chad has publicly praised Hue since Hue received the Raiders head coaching job. I doubt this move will happen as the Raiders have been reluctant to add any veterans to their young receiving corps.

The whole situation was almost rendered moot on Saturday night. Ochocinco decided to try his hand at mounting a beast that looks to be a bigger diva than he is. Ochocinco went for a bull ride for roughly 1.5 seconds before getting bucked off and almost trampled. You have to hand it to the guy—he is not in to dull moments or dull interviews and he is most definitely into courage.