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Browsing for Booty: Your Place for Oakland Raiders News

I thought I would start posting links to interesting Oakland Raiders news that I ran across while browsing the web. I am pretty sure I am the first person to ever come up with this idea. As long as you don't start checking other sites then you may believe this to be true.

I will try to get this up on most mornings. This is a bit of a curious time for me to start such a practice as there is not much football news at the moment. Most of the news is currently revolves around negotiations that are not taking place. I'm not going to let that stop me. I'll post what I can. And this will give us a decent platform to discuss all things Raiders. Jump over for the links.... - Panthers' Smith addresses trade talk, future in Carolina
Steve Smith tells PFW he has not demanded a trade. Uh-huh, sure Steve. This is like a GM coming out for no apparent reason to say a coaches job is secure. I wouldn't expect Smith to be a Panther next year.

For two new Raiders it's all academic - Thoughts From the Dark Side
Don't look now, but the Raiders are drafting for brains as much as speed.

Jacoby Ford driven to do it all for Oakland - AFC West Blog - ESPN
New rules be damned—Jacoby Ford is taking it out. He also wants to get into the punt return game.

Campbell as a leader must come to pass - Inside the Oakland Raiders
Jerry McDonald breaks down Jason Campbell's performances in games when the Raiders run game was FOAC (firing on all cylinders) and games when it wasn't. Not surprisingly, he was way better when they were running. "The bottom line is Campbell can lead all he wants, but any designs he has on becoming Davis’ next Jim Plunkett will rest with him on occasion carrying the offense with the pass."

Michael Huff - by Game Unlimited | Blog Talk Radio
Huff talks about his versatility, working out with sprinter Michael Johnson, watching film, his desire to stay with the Raiders, the possibility of moving to a new team with Nnamdi, and living up to the legacy of great Raider secondary play. More on this later.

Hypothetical Free Agency Heats Up: Nnamdi Asomugha To Falcons? - The Falcoholic

"NFL analyst Cris Carter says the Atlanta Falcons should sign Nnamdi Asomugha. Dream on, says The Falcoholic (quoted from source)."

Wisniewski named school's top male athlete
"The McCoy Award is presented annually to one senior male and one senior female student-athlete who have combined successful athletic participation with academic excellence (quoted from source)."

Ex-Raider Smith pleads not guilty to murder charge - Sacramento Bee

Dave Newhouse: A fabulous friend to feral felines - San Jose Mercury News
"Gladys Sargent used to make Al Davis blanch. Gladdie was a minority owner of the Oakland Raiders, a widowed octogenarian who danced to flamenco and disco, sometime on table tops, at National Football League parties (quoted from source)."