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Browsing for Booty: Oakland Raiders News, Lockout, Hard Knocks, Nnamdi Asomugha and More 5/17

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If you are looking for Oakland Raiders news you have come to the right place. I've searched, browsed, surfed, googled and binged around to find all relevant Raiders talk polluting cyber space. I don't think you'll be surprised to hear that Raiders news is dominated by Asomugha. And with the big league wide news involving the permanent stay being granted and keeping the lockout in place for the foreseeable future the Nnamdi rumors are not going to go away anytime soon. It is one of the only things to talk about! Jump over for the links, and weigh in on anything you like in the comments—especially on the Raiders chances of being on HBO's Hard Knocks now that the Buccaneers have turned them down.

Let's just start with No. 21 rumors.

Cowboys 2011 Free Agency: Pressure Players On Defense - Blogging The Boys

Hey, did you guys know the Cowboys wanted Nnam?

AFC West Questions Include Vincent Jackson, Kyle Orton And Nnamdi Asomugha - Arrowhead Pride

Our friends over at Arrowhead Pride use Nnamdi's free agency to take a low and misguided shot at the division foe who swept them last year. Check out this quote:

Could Nnamdi Asomugha return to Oakland? It seems very unlikely that would happen as Asomugha will be a free agent and has his pick of where he'll play next. Most people want to get out of Oakland so I imagine Asomugha won't seriously entertain returning, if the Raiders offer a market value deal. I would guess Asomugha accepts a deal somewhere else for the 2011 season.

I'm not exactly sure what most people they are referring to, but it's a fairly ridiculous assertion. I chalk it up to a bitter rival trying to cling to the hate remarks of windbags like Warren Sapp and DeAngelo Hall. Both of whom didn't say anything negative until they were told their services would no longer be necessary.

Asomugha and Houston all about money - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Finally, someone that is not spewing rhetoric about Asomugha for leaving because he wants to go to a winner, and calling it out as being about the money. This is not a slam on Asomugha. That's just the way the business of the NFL works.

Moving away from Asomugha and onto some Hard Knocks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers turned down the HBO series Hard Knocks. One of the teams Hard Knocks was said to be interested in is the Oakland Raiders. It seems unlikely that the clandestine Raiders would accept the invitation, but for a franchise with a charismatic and energetic coach looking to sell out some games Hard Knocks may be just what the bottom line ordered.

I think it would be great. I don't even get HBO, but I would probably order just to watch this.

Will HBO come knocking in Oakland? - AFC West Blog - ESPN

Yes, it’s unlikely, but with Bucs having passed, Raiders should pursue `Hard Knocks’ - Inside the Oakland Raiders -

Jerry McDonald breaks down the Raiders need to and likely reluctance perfectly.

Raiders Might Be in Lead to Land Hard Knocks | NBC Bay Area

NBC Bay Area knows how awesome the Raiders on Hard Knocks would be, and they also inform us that the Raiders and Saints are the two current front runners.

Then we have another NFL Power Ranking. It seems a little silly to put power rankings out before free agency etc., but what the hell? The Raiders check in at No. 20, which is about 19 spots too low.

One of the things that is going to help the Raiders climb those 19 spots is their offseason workouts.

Oakland Raiders players' workouts to be in the Atlanta area - San Jose Mercury News

DVD actually let this slip in my interview with him. Which means I actually could have broke this news, but I don't care where they train just that they are training. NFL Power Rankings

Most of the lockout reports I found yesterday were pretty generic and dry. Here is a little more entertaining look:

stupidpeople - Deadspin

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