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Oakland Raiders Have the Best D-Line in the AFC West, ESPN Says So

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Yesterday we discussed some of the distinguished analysts at ESPN using Nnamdi Asomugha's free agency as a chance to bash the Oakland Raiders. Well, it's not all ignorance at ESPN. Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson is ranking the position groups of the AFC West. In the above linked edition they discuss the defensive lines. 

Williamson says what we already know, the Raiders have the best defensive line in the AFC West. Williamson plays up the versatility of the defensive line and mentions he wouldn't be surprised to see them tinker with the 3-4. I am not sold on this, but his reasoning is sound. 

It is when he starts talking about LaMarr Houston that he gets excited, and that makes me excited. Check it:

LaMarr Houston could not be in a better situation, because he gets to learn his craft from Seymour. Houston is going to be great -- maybe as soon as this season. His athletic ability and upside are off the charts. He played very well as a rookie against the pass and run but might be elite in both categories by this time next year. He can be that good.

Williamson brings up something that I don't think gets mentioned enough. It's not just LaMarr Houston, but the entire 2010 Raiders rookie class that is prepared to make a big jump in their second year.