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Raiders' Booty: More on Nnamdi, Life in the Lockout, and More

Let's see what is cookin' in the world of Oakland Raiders news this morning. Well, surprise, surprise it is more of the same. We got a little bit o' Nnam, and a little bit o' lockout, and a little bit o' writers scrambling to justify their jobs. Let's get right into this. We'll start with the best article on the state CBA negotiations that I have found:

In Wake of Ruling, Possibility of Progress in N.F.L. Lockout -
A judge told N.F.L. owners and players he wanted new proposals next week that would narrow the differences that remained when talks broke off March 11 (quoted from source).

I'll probably have more on the lockout later, but if you can't wait to get into the exciting news the above article should do you just fine. This next one gives us a likely timeline if the lockout is lifted after the expedited appeal and the ramifications for the AFC West teams

Lockout: Hurry up and wait - Bill Williamson - ESPN

Check out how the Raiders propose their employees don't lose any income during the lockout

Raiders' front office takes unique approach to lockout -

More on this in a bit, but feel free to indulge early.

Jump over for Nnam rumors and other assorted goodies....


Nnamdi Asomugha: The final piece to the Lions' puzzle? | isportsweb

Hey, look at that the Lions want Nnamdi. So, do the Texans, but is Nnamdi shunning them?

Asomugha not interested in Texans? - Inside the Oakland Raiders

Jerry McDonald cites a source that believes Houston is not the spot for Nnam. Jerry is a little skeptical, and so am I. Let's check the article originally citing the source....

I’ll forgive the Texans for not drafting Vince Young if they go sign Nnamdi AsomughaIf | SportsJustice | a blog

Is Asomughalf a nickname I don't understand, or the worst butchering of his name in print I have seen. Let's see Aso mugs half the field maybe? Or maybe they are trying to infer Nnam is magic like his cousin Gandalf?

Anyway, this dude says he hears Nnam is not a big fan of Houston. That doesn't sound like information Nnam would let get out. They thing about saying you hear something is I can tell myself that and then report it.

For instance, I hear Nnam loves Oakland and feels indebted to them, and that he plans on returning for free. I hear it in my dreams every night.

Moving along to places people think Nnam won't go.

Nnamdi Asomugha To Green Bay Packers Makes 'Zero Sense' -

Now, let's take a look at a Raider that won't be going anywhere, except maybe the record books, in 2011.

Darren McFadden : Elite Running Back | isportsweb
At the young age of 23 years old Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden has proven to be an elite NFL player (quoted from this Run-DMC loving source).

Gotta give a little love to the Raiders putting in work even though they aren't being paid.

Campbell And Seymour Hoping Raiders South Gives Team A Lift | Football News Now

Oakland Raiders' fantastic five for 2011
Taking a closer look at five youngster that will have an impact for the Raiders in 2011 (quoted from source).

Then we go to the group of sportswriters with way too much time on their hands.

Power Rankings: Top 10 NFL helmets - ESPN

The Raiders check in at No. 3, which is two spots too low if you ask me. I stare at pictures of the Raiders helmet like my friends stare at their computer while watching internet "movies."

Speaking of that, how did they get around to ranking the looks of helmets before cheerleading squads?

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To quote my friend Oz, "sellout."