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NFL Lockout: The Oakland Raiders Offer Their Employees Extra Credit During Lockout

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The NFL Lockout doth sucketh on many levels. Obviously and most importantly (because this is how it effects me) it is stripping me of my happy Oakland Raiders distraction. Then, on a lesser level, it has an increasingly negative effect on the pocketbooks of countless people. I am not talking about the rich players and richer owners. I am talking about all the other employees of the organization, and at some point all of the business owners around the stadiums.

The damage is already being felt by employees in organizations. Jeff Darlington of the reported that the Dolphins had proposed this pay cut:

Any member of the team making more than $75,000 will face a 20 percent pay cut. Those making below $75,000 face a 15 percent pay cut and anyone below the $50,000 will be hit with a 10 percent pay cut.

Well, according to the the Dolphins are not alone.

...about one-third of the NFL's teams have cutbacks for team staffers, including furloughs and salary reductions.

The Raiders (details taken from above linked USAToday article) have taken a different route. They have instigated an incentive plan. I have no idea what the incentive is, but to reach it team employees must sale season tickets equaling 10 percent of their salary during the period of time the lockout in season. New defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan, who was likely expecting a pay cut like those from other teams, said hearing the news was "like Christmas."

The article mentions that Amy Trask acknowledges that not every employee is thrilled about the plan. Which, unless I am missing something, doesn't make sense. An incentive plan is extra-credit. If an employee didn't like it they could simply not participate in it.

Whatever the case, I understand it is an odd time to try and sell season tickets! But I will hand it to the Raiders. In a time when owners are cutting salaries of their secretaries and other such modestly paid personnel while they band together to get a new CBA, the Raiders threw money at their own players while they could and now offer an incentive plan to all of their employees. And they are one of the teams with the lowest revenues in the league!