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What's Tweeting in Raider Nation?

Up until recently I had never ventured onto the Twitter. I really blame it on NFLanalyzerfromhome. A couple of weeks ago he let us know that the Raiders had been working out, because he read it on Jason Campbell's Twitter account. Well, me being the obsessive type that I am joined Twitter and linked up to every Raider player I could find. That's just the all or nothing way I roll.

I have to admit that following these guys on Twitter makes me feel a tad stalkerish, but there is enough interesting things that I just push right past the stalker issues. If you don't have the various Raiders Twitter accounts and want them just take them from my Twitter account. Jump over for the super important things I have gleaned from the Twitter-verse....


I am not checking my Twitter a few times a day for stalker reasons. I search for real news. I've learned valuable things like Like Jason Campbell likes to pick on Michael Bush for being follically challenged and McFadden for being comically top heavy, and that usually starts the Soul Glow and Coming to America jokes for Jason Campbell. Darren McFadden apparently likes to wear skinny jeans, which really can't help the skinny leg jokes. DVD is a big Heat fan. Michael Huff is a huge Mavericks fan. He started calling Dirk Nowitzki the White Mamba, and then Charles Barkley called Dirk that on TNT last night. Murphy now claims Chuck owes him $7. ...Oh my god, what have I become? I am a huge stalker!

Wait, I did see is that Jason Campbell, DHB, Little Blue Pills Murphy, and Jacoby Ford were all having a catch yesterday. See, it is things like that, that seem to make it all worth it.

Oh and Joseph Barksdale invite us all to join him for some gaming:

any members of the add me on the playstation network. My screename is TK7Tail. Im playin COD

I have managed to start following a few non-Raiders, and my favorite by far is Colts owner Jim Irsay. I mean come on, what other owner is going to Tweet gems like this?

Sometimes I tell the time of the bottle that I drink

"If I ever catch my opponents sleeping...I just slaughter them there,where they lie...." Bob Dylan(who turns 70 tuesday)

I just found a bottle of ether my bud,Hunter S left behind..think it's time 4 bed!

Everyone's so damn serious,suits,briefcases,lawyers! Let's put on jeans n golf clothes,players/owners remembering we're friends,hang alittle

Jeff Saturday and I could get this thing done,on cocktail napkins,over a long lunch at Rick's's not that hard!