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Oakland Raiders News: Pirate Booty 5/18

In case you can't tell I am still in searching for just the right title for our Oakland Raiders news link section. The only thing I am sure of is that I want booty in there, but that's a given, right? It will lock into place sooner or later. Okay, onto the news.

As more articles came out about the Raiders incentive plan for employees it seems like it is not as much an incentive plan as it is an avoidance of loss plan. Although, no one is sure what the loss would be because Amy Trask isn't talking about that. She has simply said the plan is for everyone to succeed and they will work with those who don't. Many places are reporting that employees will lose wages if they don't meet their quota, but I have not seen one quote from a person in the Raiders that would indicate this.

Raiders have creative approach to lockout economics | ProFootballTalk
At a time when teams like the Jets are requiring employees to take unpaid time off and teams like the Dolphins are slashing pay but not cutting hours, the Raiders have come up with a unique way of addressing the problems presented by the lockout (quoted from source).

.An all-hands-on-deck ticket plan - Inside the Oakland Raiders - 

Jerry McDonald asked Amy Trask what would happen to those who didn't meet their quota, but she wasn't saying.

Raiders staffers must sell tickets to avoid pay cuts, layoffs - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

While some people like the Shutdown Corner seem to just make reckless assumptions about the consequences. It is a story with a little ambivelance in it like this one where people's Raider bias really comes out.

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There is nothing new coming out regarding the Raiders' player only workouts, but it is fun to read about.

Seymour footing the ball for Raiders' camp - AFC West Blog - ESPN

Raiders players to hold camp in Georgia
Although quarterback Jason Campbell originally said he and his Raiders teammates wouldn't be giving out details of their workouts next week - "We know, all that matters," he tweeted - the where, when and how have been "...(quoted from source).

Below is a nice article on talking about Jason Campbell's ascension towards leadership, and touching on many of the things we have been talking about on this very site. news: Pieces are in place for Campbell, Raiders to build on 2010
"It's going to be a great chance to build on that camaraderie," Campbell said. "I've been throwing to Murph and some of my receivers up here all offseason, and to get everybody together down there will be great. "We'll start around 10 every morning and do our workouts and get on the field, and then every night we've got plans for everybody to go out to eat together and just spend time together and bond off the field. We'll have a lot of stuff for the guys to do" (quoted from source).

Okay, I guess we have to get to a few obligatory lockout stories.

An Idiots Guide to the NFL Lockout Progression of Events - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Note: If you're looking for a serious layout of the events that have taken place so far during the lockout, they are out there, just not up to the minute. You'll get information and explanations here, but packaged irreverently (quoted from source).

Lockout victims: Ten teams being hit hardest - NFL - Football

There is not one AFC West team on this list. How are the Broncos not one of the ten hardest hit? They have a new coach, they are switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3, it is possible that over half of their starters on defense will be new to the team and most of those will be rookies, and they don't know who their QB is going to be.