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Richard Seymour tells Rich Gannon and Adam Schein, "I was born to be a Raider..."

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Richard "I got five on it..." Seymour, feeling good about the odds Al will have his back, plus interest when everyone kisses and makes up.   (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Richard "I got five on it..." Seymour, feeling good about the odds Al will have his back, plus interest when everyone kisses and makes up. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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He  came to our Oakland Raiders in the offseason preceding 2010 and provided a leader when we needed one most, acquired in a trade with our rival New England Patriots in a then very controversial deal with the nation. While we were waiting for rumor to become reality, we jumped to a great many conclusions in response to the unfounded ramblings everywhere saying, surely, he'd want to go anywhere else but Oakland, and that another solid free agent career would die with the Raiders. Richard Seymour did plenty to quiet those voices with stellar performance in 2010, but more importantly, he brought what true champions bring to championship teams: that something special that catapults the performance of teammates to levels never before seen.

Seymour did something perhaps unprecedented for this team this week in assembling nearly forty Raider players for an organized minicamp. Considering how many are under contract it's no small feat. It's definitely unprecedented for a Raider player to foot the bill. We have a very special player in Seymour who seems to understand we have something very special brewing here in this Raider team. Hit the jump to be fired up from some all time Raider quotes from Richard Seymour in an interview on SiriusXM radio's Blitz this morning...

Lately on my way to work I check NFL radio out to see if they're talking Raiders, and if they're not, I quickly change away, tired of the same old lockout bs. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Richard Seymour would be Schein and Gannon's guest on the Blitz this morning, and seriously jacked up about the silver and black by the time I arrived. You can definitely sense this former champion knows just how good this team can be, and his actions speak as loudly as his words.

I'll do my best to quote some of them here. What I write will have definitely come from their mouths, but I won't get it all... I'm writing it from the repeat interview without recording, but may edit in more if I stay up to listen again [it was worth it!].

"As one of the leaders on this team, when the time comes, whenever that is, we want to be ready..."

said Seymour, in regards to what they're doing in Atlanta." He says the practice will bring in some special coaches, will be regimented, uptempo, and have a purpose; some strength and conditioning coaches will be present. Four days of non-contact drills that will attempt to assimilate the real thing as closely as possible. They also have two team dinners planned.

On the expectations:

"I'm not saying we're gonna win twelve or fifteen games or anything, but as far as taking care of things we can do right now, we're gonna do those things."

When asked about the run defense ranking near the bottom of the league:

That's a thorn in my side, when you speak about it... that's something we have to stop, first and foremost, definitely a thorn in my side... we're one of the most talented groups in the league, when you talk about talent, we have it, we just have to do the little things, and grind it out play after play..."

Schein interrupts, but is in agreement that the little things are what is needed for our squad, and Richard adds:

and we'll have to do it outside the division as well."

on Hue Jackson and what he brings:

Well, first and foremost, the man deserves the utmost respect....he's a high energy guy, and just with his enthusiasm, you 'know, you saw last year with the offense and what he did...I'm very excited that I have him as head coach, and he's gonna be a great head coach for the Oakland Raiders.

on Bresnahan:

Well, obviously you knbow he was there before, so he understands the mindset for the passion and fans out there, and when I spoke with him he talked about experiences coaching w/ the Raiders, I think he understands... again, we're a talented group, we added a few pieces, and we got a group of guys... they're not rookies anymore...we gotta build during this time, to define what we'll be all year...

and my favorite part, coming in response to Schein's question about his successful time with the Pats, and how the experience differs from that of the Raiders:

...that chapter closed... started a new chapter. Sometimes I think to myself... I was born to be a Raider... [interrupted by Rich Gannon: ... "that should be a song!"] okay, [laughter] you put it together... but as a defensive lineman you know just the attitude and mentality of the silver and black, the fans... theres just no other uniform I would want to put on, just that mentality... like I said, that mentality, as a def. lineman, no other team I'd want to play for than the Oakland Raiders.

Rich Gannon replied he got goosebumps and got fired up by his proclamation of believing he was born a Raider. Adam Schein even admitted that even though he'd questioned all the money Al paid Seymour, that he wondered if it wasn't justified by what Richard said throughout the interview, in the much needed leadership and attention to detail he brings, and that coupled with Hue Jackson, it will continue to transform the Oakland Raiders.

Richard Seymour is right. He was born to be a Raider, just like any player who dons the silver and black is and will forever be Raiders. I look forward to watching him help propel this team back to where we once belonged.