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NFL Draft 2011 Results: Best and Worst of the Oakland Raiders' Draft

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Hey look everyone! Our faithful cable sponsors are back. While on the one hand we do have to bare the intro and closing paragraphs; on the other hand they are sponsoring posts that are designed to get us to talk about football. So be it. And today it is a worthy topic indeed: our favorite and least favorite selections of the Raiders' draft.

These choices are getting harder and harder as time progresses, but I think I have my answers. My favorite pick is as safe as the selection itself. I am choosing Stefen Wisniewski. There is nothing extraordinary about this pick, and it was one that most of us anticipated. But that is exactly why I am choosing it. We are just two years away from the mind-boggling reach of Hey-Bey. And with a guy like Ryan Mallett, that once upon a time Al Davis would never pass on, still on the board—it was a relief to see this team go for the logical and solid pick. Jump over for my least favorite selection....

My least favorite pick has not changed from draft day, but I have considerably mellowed on the fervor of my disagreement. And that is the selection of Demarcus Van Dyke. I've seen Van Dyke's first name spelled with an upper and lower case "m." For now I am going with the lower case "m" as typing an upper case "m" as the third letter in a first name sends me into fits of rage.

On the surface the Van Dyke pick seemed like the typical reach for an unproductive player that has good measurables. At the moment of the selection it was Fabian Washington and "-" all over. Then my I realized the obvious difference.

The Dyke was taken in the third-round. This is a place where potential becomes an acceptable pick, and it was not that big of reach on most draft boards. By all accounts DVD is going to come in and work hard. He has all the physical tools, and if he adds some bulk and muscle he will have everything you want in a corner.

Despite all of this he is the winner of the loser of the Raiders selections. And that is a good sign in and of itself, because there is not one pick out of this group that I absolutely hate. And that makes us all winners.

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