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The Oakland Raiders Aerial Assault Speaks to the Nation

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The Oakland Raiders will be getting together as a team (at least the contracted part) for extremely organized, well funded and focused workouts next week in Atlanta. Leading up to that though Jason Campbell, Louis Murphy, Jacoby Ford and Darrius Heyward-Bey are working out together and giving interviews.

Each guy gave took timeout from working out to interview with CSN Bay Area. Check 'em out for yourself. I'd post the video, but CSN does not make it easy to import their videos.

Click the links if you are interested: Jacoby Ford, Jason Campbell, Louis Murphy, Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Among other things the guys talk about the switches to the offense with Hue Jackson moving to coach and Al Saunders coming in as offensive coordinator. They don't mention the inclusion of any new plays or a 700-page playbook, but Jason Campbell does mention they are moving from a word system to a number system, and he will be helping the guys adjust.

Louis Murphy tells us they had a chance to go over a few things while the lockout was lifted, and that the offense is set up for them to play fast. Campbell has also mentioned in the past that he already has his playbook so you can be sure these guys will be studying enough to be up to speed whenever they do come together. And as we have discussed in the past there are numerous reports of assistant coaches talking with players during the lockout.