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Pirate Booty: Raider Love for Richard Seymour, NFL Lockout News, and More

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It's strange. There's not a lot going on in terms of news for the NFL. It's like there is a lockout or something. Oh yeah.... Well it could be worse. We could be following teams that don't have Richard Seymour on them. I am going to drop some Seymour links like Emeril drops spice into a dish. Bam!

Raiders headed to Georgia after Richard Seymour issues challenge - NFL - Sporting News
"It’s just a necessity," Seymour told Sporting News. "The lockout situation is out of my control. I want our guys to focus on the things we can control, and that’s being ready when football is ready to go. And I think we can get a great head start by doing it the right way." Several NFL teams are conducting player-organized workouts during the lockout, but few are as organized or involve as many players as "Raiders South". They will try to replicate a regular team practice as much as possible. Under the direction of C.E.S. staff, the players will go through dynamic warmups to help prevent muscle pulls or other maladies. There will be both individual positional drills and team periods. "I’ve told the defensive backs we’re not out there trying to pick the ball off and take it to the house," Seymour said. "We just want to work on our timing, our cutting and other skills. Obviously, it’s a non-contact camp, but we want to be quick and efficient, get our work done and get off the field," (quoted from source).


Raiders' Seymour: "I Was Born To Be A Raider" | Football News Now
364 days ago Raider Nation was gripping over Richard Seymour’s absence at Oakland’s mini-camp. The defensive lineman hadn’t signed his franchise tag and some wondered if he even wanted to be a Raider. What a difference a year makes. Talking yesterday on SiriusXM radio’s Blitz with Adam Schein (quoted from source, and not as well as brhynno).

Seymour isn't the only Raiders deserving of some love this day. Jump over for the goods....

Raiders Visit Children's Hospital

Hue Jackson and some Raiderettes took a visit to a children's hospital. This is a wonderful thing. Wouldn't it be nice if the NFL could focus more on this kind of activity than splitting up $9 billion between themselves?

Back to footballish reports. There is still some buzz about the once rumored scrimmage between the Raiders and Falcons.

Raiders Camp Proves Owners Wrong in Lockout " Just Blog Baby | An Oakland Raiders Blog
According to reports, the Raiders could engage in an 11-on-11 scrimmage with the Atlanta Falcons during their self-imposed week long camp. Now on the surface there are many reasons why this is not a good idea. Many will be quick to throw that injury word out as if the players aren’t already taking risks before there was any mention of this. However, I see this much differently. I see this as the defining moment in what the historians will ultimately write about this labor stoppage. The players kept playing when they weren’t allowed to while the owners kept reaching for money that was never theirs in the first place (quoted from source).

The San Fran Chronicle breaks this story for us:

Who wouldn't buy tickets from Hue? : San Francisco Chronicle
By now, we're sure you've heard about the Raiders coaches and employees selling season tickets to avoid taking a paycut in these lean times of the lockout (quoted from source, and yeah. We kinda heard that).

We might as well get into some lockout booty.

Brees On The NFL Lockout - ESPN Video - ESPN

Brees makes it hard not to like him in this interview.

The NFL and its players continue to wage a labor war on four legal fronts, with no end in sight. An update. - ESPN
The owners and players are now fighting major battles on four legal fronts in three federal courthouses and two offices of the National Labor Relations Board, and they're using at least two dozen top-of-the-line lawyers from eight of America's most expensive law firms. Here's what it all adds up to: Instead of watching great athletes play America's favorite sport, we find ourselves watching great lawyers play their favorite sport -- beating the hell out of each other in grinding litigation (quoted from source).

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