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Video: Sneak Peek of the Oakland Raiders Practice

Mark me taking the time to post this video as my desperation for football, and more specifically Raiders football. This video comes to us from a report on NBC Bay Area. They do not say, and I could not find where the field is that they show them working out on. I am assuming it was one near Jason Campbell's home as he recently hosted Louis Murphy, Jacoby Ford, and Darrius Heywar-Bey. The video actually gives us nothing, but a light throw by Campbell, a jogging catch by Little Blue Pills and a clip of an interview that we had already linked to.

But such is the state of life during a lockout. I will take what I can get. Hopefully there is some more video and reports coming out from the team practice that is going to take place this week. And is it just me, or does Campbell look to have an extended waistline in this video? Maybe it's just me. Chalk it up to the after effects of QB No. 2.