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Pirate Booty: Raiders Prepare for Workouts, Patriots Like Gallery, NFL Lockout and More

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Many of the Raiders are busting the locks off this lockout while they prepare to practice as a team this Tuesday-Friday. I have seen conflicting reports regarding the media access to these workouts. The more, the merrier—I'll take all the reports they can dish out like a dog waiting for table scraps. Things could get a little football dry the remainder of this offseason.

In other words, we could be going over a lot of free agent scenarios. Well, actually we might be going over one right now; the one about the neglected Raiders free agent.

We've heard all the Nnamdi rumors; we've heard all the Michael Huff rumors, but not much on Robert Gallery—and for good reason. Gallery is obviously moving on, and it seemed likely he'd be following Cable to the Seahawks. Well, it now appears that the Patriots may be involved in the bidding process. Jump over for all the links....

Free Agent primer: Interior offensive line

Tom Curran reports that the Patriots are "enamored" with Gallery. And good luck with that long-term contract team that signs him.

That brings a quick wrap to our not-yet-free agency session. For the love of safety, let's hope this lockout doesn't linger. Ray Lewis thinks things might get a little bit funny if this problem persists. and remember:

Ray Lewis of Baltimore Ravens says crime will rise if season lost - ESPN
One of the consequences of a lost NFL season will be an increase of crime in America, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said in a wide-raging one-on-one interview with ESPN (quoted from source).

Below the USA Today does a good job of laying out a timeline detailing the ramifications to the season if the lockout lingers into critical Ray Lewis lawless society levels: .

NFL lockout clock ticking with season opener approaching -

The lockout clock sounds like the clock on "24" to me now. Beep, Boop.... Previously, on Silver and Black Pride:

NFL Lockout: Oakland Raiders Will Not Cut Pay of Coaches

If we do reach peak Ray Lewis Crisis levels the Raiders coaches will be among the last to worry about their paychecks.

Elsewhere, the father of late former Raider Marquis Cooper, Bruce Cooper called Nick Schuyler's story of the tragic boating accident that took the life of Marquis and others.

Video: Father of NFL player lost at sea in 2009 questions survivor's story-

The below story has more relevance to the other Bay Area team, but a little relevance to any team with a player who doesn't love what they are doing. :

Glen Coffee: NFL ruins a lot of lives | ProFootballTalk
Glen Coffee, the 49ers' 2009 third-round draft pick who retired at age 23 after one season in the NFL, has a simple explanation for why he doesn't ever see himself returning: He doesn't want his life to be ruined. Coffee told the Sacramento Bee that's what he thinks the NFL does to players (quoted from source).

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