This offseason is really, really unbelievably boring. I am sure that I am the only one that feels that way! Obviously that is a joke. I am dying here, though. I am so tired of having to speculate on what players we are going to lose and what players we are going to get. I just want to see it happen! I want to know where Nnamdi is going to be! I want to know where Plaxico Burress is going to play and at what level. I want to know if Steve Smith from Carolina will really be traded or if they are going to hold onto him. Is Michael Bush still going to be a Raider? If he has the chance to leave is he going to take it? Which receivers are the Jets going to bring back? Why do I have hair growing farther down the back of my neck than ever before? Well that last one has nothing to do with Football but damn it I am going crazy here!

      What I do not understand about this "Negotiating Process" is why do they need to take so long in between meetings?! I mean seriously, if I have something at work that I need to get done I stay at work til it is done. If I can't get it done that day I come in early the next day. Why can't that be the thought process of these people? What good is all this court stuff doing? I just want football! I want all these people to get their asses back to the table and figure this out. Everybody quotes that they want to get this done. If that is the case why are they in meetings for 2 days and then not in meetings with each other for WEEKS?! I know I am ignorant when it comes to being a millionaire, but didn't they get all that money by being precise in their business decisions? Why can't they just get it done? Something is seriously wrong when the only owner to make any sense to me is Jim freakin Irsay. 

       What bothers me most about this is that the Raiders are one of the teams that is most ill effected by this lengthy lockout. They are seriously handicapped by not having Hue Jackson being able to get his players together. The number one most impressive thing about Hue is his ability to speak and have everybody listen. This is something that he should already be able to do with his players. He can't. We have one of the most influential speakers in the NFL as our coach and we are not able to have him talk to his players. We have the chance to have a very special team next year, and this lockout is seriously taking a toll on that. For the love of god, I want to see Hue get his workouts going. I want to hear about how neat it is to see all the Raiders buy into their coaches words. I want to see the Raiders have a roster of people that are going to participate in training camp and preseason. I want to see Free Agency start and for the NFL in general to stop fluffing around. I know this post just ended up being a rant and that wasn't my initial reason for this post, its just what came out when I started typing. We all have had far too much time to complain and the last thing we really needed was another complainer but I couldn't help myself. Hopefully soon the NFL and the NFLPA will lend me a hand so that I wont have to worry anymore about helping myself. Lets go Raiders! Lets Go NFL!! LETS FREAKING GO LAWYERS!!! GIT-R-DONE!!!!