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Oakland Raiders 2011 NFL Lockout Player Practice Notes

This is fantastic! Despite the 2011 NFL lockout there is actually Oakland Raiders football to report on! I haven't found a lot of information yet. I will post more as an update here, or in its own post if enough comes out, and add anything in the comments if y'all see or hear anything. The first thing is that there was strong participation.

Jerry McDonald let us know. via information he got from correspondent Ben Beitzel, that 34 players were in attendance. Among the 34 rookies Stefen Wisniewski, DeMarcus Van Dyke and Richard Gordon were in attendance. It's great to see Wisniewski out there. This line is going to need as much time as possible to get its work in, and Wisniewski—as the center—is going to be the guy that needs to get them all on the same page. 

It was also reported by McDonald that Bruce Campbell was still practicing exclusively on the right side. The way it was said led me to believe it was just right guard, but that was a little unclear.

LaMarr Houston was apparently not among the 34 to make it.

Houston's Twitter ():

man im missin work outs cuz my luggage still aint here im heated

I am not sure I'd want to be the person telling Houston I didn't know where his luggage was.

All reports from Twitter were unsurprisingly positive.

From Jason Campbell's Twitter ():

Today was a great work day with the teammates, feel like the guys are getting a lot out of it. Guys were really tuned in.

Nick Miller's Twitter ):

Day number 1 in the books... we out here killin it in Atlanta feels good to be working with the fellas again

I also saw tweets from Tyvon Branch, Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford and Marcel Reece that indicated they were at the workout.