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Video: Visual Examples of Hue Jackson Bully Vision for the Oakland Raiders

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I don't know about you but the thought of the Raiders practicing together voluntarily has me fired up for Raiders football. I hear Hue Jackson's voice in my head, "We are going to build a bully." I've found myself looking over the calendar as I synch it up with all the court and important dates involving the lockout—trying to pinpoint a date so I can start counting down the days until this team takes to the field. But there are no answers to be had. Just more questions. This left me jonesing for football in a bad way.

I went over to youtube. It gave me a quick fix, but like anything that gives a fix, as soon as it wears off you just want more. So, check out this really well done video I originally watched on youtube. It is essentially what I see in my head when I hear my inner Hue Jackson say, "We are going to build a bully."

(via r8derdan2475)