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Oakland Raiders Lockout Practice Pictures

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RAIDERSNOMERCY dropped in on the last Raiders lockout practice thread while we were all busy speculating and guessing from a far. He casually said something to the effect of, "Oh yeah, these practices are in my backyard. The guys are eating dinner at my house, babysitting my kids, and finishing my basement." Okay, it might not have been that extreme, but it was close. How close you ask? This close


He took that picture, and three more. Jump over....


If I have this right, RNM went to Wednesday's practice and will return on Friday. Way to represent SABP and Raider Nation in the Atl!



Wisniewski looks exactly like I would expect a son and nephew of NFL linemen to look like. I can't be certain, but I am pretty sure he is either contemplating the funnest way to knock that young man over or if he could eat him in one bite. 


Can anyone tell who that is at right tackle? It almost must be Carlisle, unless it was a non-Raider. Anyway, awesome job to RAIDERNOMERCY. I am jealous of your VIP access. I had no idea living in the Atlanta area came with such perks.