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Oakland Raiders Lockout Workouts: Chaz Schilens Present, Is He Healthy?

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Day Three of the Oakland Raiders lockout workout has come and gone, and it went with no media access. However, thanks to RAIDERSNOMERCY we have access to some inside info from Day Two. While browsing reports of the workouts I have patiently kept my eyes on the lookout for the rarest of occurrences: a Chaz Schilens sighting.

Not only had I not seen that Schilens was there, but he was specifically not mention as being there on Wednesday. Well, somebody apparently needs to tell Schilens he wasn't there. RAIDERSNOMERCY reported that he saw him on the field running and looking healthy.

Now eyes can be deceiving, and these guys aren't wearing their numbers or names—hence the conflicting reports. However, RNM spoke to Schilens after the workout, and for further ID confirmation (and RNM's memorabilia collection) Schilens signed a football for RNM. Jump over for a few more insider nuggets....

With Chaz, I've learned not to say anything is a good sign. He always seems just one step away from a setback. The fact that he is running around is not a bad sign though, and I think that is as good as we are going to get.

RNM also mentions that the offensive linemen were shifting left to right on every play except for Wisniewski. He played every snap at center.

RNM also overheard one Raider—he thinks was Richard Seymour, but is not sure—say, "We will be 12-4, win the division, and have fun doing it."

I think that is an overly optimistic prediction. I am not betting on the fact that there is going to be 16 games this year!

Once again big thanks to RAIDERNOMERCY who also shared his pics from the workout with us earlier.