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Oakland Raiders Lockout Workouts: Players Cover Themselves

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The Oakland Raiders lockout workouts were closed to the media on Thursday. That is, it was only closed to the outside media. The players seemed more than content to cover themselves. The players took to the pool on Thursday, and by all Twitter accounts they were put through a grueling workout.

Check out the videos taken by Walter McFadden. One of the things that comes to light through the videos is that Bruce Campbell was present. It was reported he was absent on Wednesday.

Nick Miller

Shout out to for that killer pool workout! Thanks to them i cant lift my arms to eat lunch

Louis Murphy

Pool workout was a beast today, I see no purpose in lifting weights ever again after that workout

Jason Campbell

Pool workout this morning with resisting bands was one of the best workouts I've done bc it's working every muscle in the body at once.

Then we have Stanford Routt. I have not seen any evidence to suggest Routt actually made it to Atlanta to work out. He was mentioned in Wednesday's reports as not being present. He was asked on Twitter why he was not with his teammates and replied, "I got class...."

That can be taken many ways. Is Routt trying to infer that his teammates have no class, and for him to work out with them would an admission of class forfeiture? Are you too good for your teammates Stanford?

More than likely Routt was referring to some sort of higher education pursuit.