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Pirate Booty: Hydraulic Raiders, Jason Campbell Gets Slammed, Vikings to LA? and More

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The Oakland Raiders continued their player only workouts yesterday. They did not allow any media access, but as we discussed, they did an excellent job of covering themselves. And that means someone may actually be covering them more biasedly than I am.

And that is just the tip of the booty, mateys. There are no new developments in the lockout, but the absurdity of it all seems to be sinking in. Meanwhile, people keep making lists about the football that is not going on, and Jason Campbell finds himself at the bottom of the one highlighted below.

Also, there is reason enough to believe that the Vikings may be considering a move into Al Davis' Los Angeles turf. All of that, and more, after the jump....

Raiders Go Swimming

The pool workouts that the Raiders went through on Thursday sounded grueling. It seems like these guys were working muscles that the weights weren't getting to.

Oakland Raiders Lockout Workouts: Players Cover Themselves - Silver And Black Pride
A look at what the Raiders had to say about their Thursday workout

Now, not all of these guys are swimmers. There a handful of great pics of the guys in the pool in the below article.

With no playbook, Raiders rookie center Stefen Wisniewski and teammates pool training efforts - The Washington Post
Competitive Edge Sports founder Chip Smith, who’s hosting the camp with Seymour. "Some of these guys can’t swim. That’s OK. We put flotation devices on them, but hopefully we teach them a life skill."

..."It's crazy. I haven't even been out (to Oakland) because the lockout ended the day I was drafted," Wisniewski said. "So it's a blessing that (quarterback) Jason (Campbell) has been here to go over the blocking schemes and stuff like that. Getting on the field has been great."

With all the reports of players talking to assistant coaches, players receiving playbooks one way or another, the league not really caring, and his uncle being a coach, I find it hard to believe that Wisniewski hasn't had some kind of crash course on the blocking schemes prior to this. Don't worry, Stefen. Your secret is safe with me.


Raider Grab Bag O' Booty

Check out this ranking of NFL QBs. I think it is safe to say the author, Gil Alcaraz IV, is not a big fan of Jason Campbell.

Top 33 quarterbacks heading into the 2011 NFL season: Fan's view - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
30. Jason Campbel: Campbell is lucky to even make this list. The Raiders expected him to be the missing piece, but he couldn't even hold his starting spot the entire season.

Campbell was the last name on the ranking. Numbers 31-33 were the top incoming rookies. To further the slight Campbell was well behind Carson Palmer (who is reportedly retiring), Donovan McNabb (who nobody really wants) and three QBs who are currently backups: Kevin Kolb, Shaun Hill and Matt Flynn.

Below is a look at the Raiders schedule with a quick blurb about each game from a professional gambler.

2011 Oakland Raiders Schedule
Expert handicapper Jimmy Boyd takes a look at the 2011 NFL schedule for the Oakland Raiders in this article.

Under the microscope: Rolando McClain | May
Still, it’s far too early to call McClain "Ray Lewis." Plus, scratch that idea anyway because McClain has already said that in five years he wants to be the one that the rookies are compared to. This guy is looking to be one of the all-time great at this level.


Vikings Meet With LA Stadium Group

You can bet Al Davis is keeping an eye on this story with his finger on the "sue" button. The Vikings are currently trying to get a new stadium in Minnesota (Vikings new stadium efforts -

However, there is a slight problem in funding. Well, it's slight if you consider $100 million slight. Anyway, members of the Vikings ownership group were caught meeting with AEG—the group that is trying to build a stadium in Los Angeles. They, of course, immediately said the meeting was just to pick their brains about getting a stadium built—color me skeptical.

Report: Vikings, AEG meeting didn’t involve L.A. move | ProFootballTalk
That’s fine, but let’s not be naive. AEG has an existing entertainment district in L.A., and AEG needs at least one — and presumably would prefer two — NFL tenants for the football stadium it wants to build.

Vikings executives meet with L.A. stadium group -
Lester Bagley, a leading player in the Minnesota stadium efforts, says the meeting Tuesday was merely to pick AEG’s brains about building new stadiums. "The discussion about Los Angeles was about L.A. Live, that sports entertainment model that they created there. We’re trying to re-create that type of energy at the Arden Hills development if we can." Go ahead and put this one in the "Keep a Close Eye On" file.

In the end, many feel the deal will still get done in Minnesota to keep the Vikings home.

Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Zygi Wilf Meets With Los Angeles Stadium Developers - SB Nation Minnesota
Personally, I still think that the Arden Hills deal is going to get done here at some point, and all of this talk of Los Angeles is going to end up looking really silly eventually, but for now people will continue to speculate in both the positive and the negative until something concrete happens.

Around the AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc was busy gushing about Matt Shaughnessy in yesterday's Pirate Booty. Today he has moved on...

Soon to be stars: Tony Moeaki - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Moeaki, a third-round pick in the 2010 draft, could end up being one of the true bargains from that entire draft class -- and also one of the best tight ends in football.

The Chiefs lost one Patriot coordinator when Charlie Weiss bolted, but they still have their Romeo.

VIDEO: Kansas City Chiefs Coach's Corner With Romeo Crennel - Arrowhead Pride
Josh Looney is back with another edition of Coach's Corner over at the mothership. This time, he's sitting down with Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. Josh and Coach Crennel talk about what Crennel first saw when he arrived as the Chiefs' DC, why the defense improved over 2009 and the defensive coordinator/head coach relationship.

San Diego Chargers

I'd like to think that I'd have an attitude like Jacques Cesaire if my team just drafted a guy to take my job when we went back to work, but I don't think I would.

Cesaire wants to help player Chargers drafted to replace him -
"This is a young kid coming to the NFL," Cesaire said of Liuget. "I can show him the ropes, mentor him, show him how to be a real pro ... He is a good kid. He is probably one of the most respectful first-rounders I have ever met. I want this kid to be the best. if he is going to take my job, he better be the best."

Denver Broncos

Broncos not dealing Orton for low picks - Scoop Du Jour - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The Denver Broncos have plenty of talent in the quarterback department and there are teams that would be happy to take veteran Kyle Orton off their hands. ..."the idea that a third- or fourth-round pick might get it done is woefully misguided." The site claims "a high second-round pick that converts to a first-rounder based on production" might get it done.

Yeah, the Broncos have so much talent at the QB position that John Elway and co. thoroughly investigated every QB in the draft.


Around the Lockout

Football is Stuck in the Courtroom

The Associated Press: NFL: Court must honor labor law in lockout ruling
Last Friday, just minutes before the midnight deadline, lawyers for the players filed their response to the league's original appeal. In that document, the players described the NFL as a "cartel" that has skirted antitrust laws and damaged their careers with this work stoppage that has lasted more than two months. In Thursday's rebuttal of those arguments, the league repeated its belief that Nelson's lockout-lifting injunction was illegal because of legislation prohibiting the courts from intervening in labor disputes.

Decertification was failing strategy by NFLPA - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Look at it this way: If the union loses a decertification lawsuit, then it has gone and shot everything it has," said Michael Cramer, director of the University of Texas Sports and Media program, who went through labor disputes in baseball and hockey. "You drew a 13 at the blackjack table and now you’ve got to go back to the negotiating table with nothing. Who would have bet they’d win a decertification lawsuit? You just don’t do it."

The Redskins coaches take the brown-nose award this lockout offseason.

Redskins coaches stand with NFL owners - NFC East Blog - ESPN
The Washington Redskins' coaching staff has not given its backing to the brief filed with the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of the National Football League Coaches Association," the statement reads. "Our former representative, Kirk Olivadotti, is no longer with the organization and no member of our coaching staff was consulted prior to this action being taken.

I couldn't agree more with this next article.

It’s wrong for NFL teams to cut non-player pay | ProFootballTalk
It’s wrong for teams to hide behind the lockout to justify furloughs or layoffs or pay cuts, especially when the teams were able in 2010 to save plenty of money that would have gone to players, thanks to the league-friendly realities of the uncapped year.

Some teams are cutting the salaries of all employees. Employees that are living paycheck to paycheck. Employees that if they continued to make full wages that the owners would be able to pay now until the end of time even if they never made another cent off of football.


Miscellaneous NFL Booty

You know that slight delay from thought to verbalization that most of us have in casual/formal conversations? You know the one that keeps me from blurting out "titties" during job interviews? Well, Tiki Barber does not have that.

Tiki’s Anne Frank comments create a stir | ProFootballTalk
Talking about time spent huddled in agent Mark Lepselter’s attic after news broke of Tiki’s failed marriage and his affair with a former NBC intern, Barber told Sports Illustrated, "Lep’s Jewish, and it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing."

Shockingly enough, some people felt this statement trivialized the holocaust.

Tiki Barber creates stir with Anne Frank analogy - ESPN New York
"The analogy to Anne Frank is not funny, it is outrageous and perverse. Anne Frank was not hiding voluntarily. Before she perished at age 15 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, she hid from the Nazis for more than two years, fearing every day for her life. The Frank family's experiences, as recorded in Anne's dairy, are a unique testimonial to the horrors of the Holocaust, and her life."