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Oakland Raiders Lockout Workouts End in Pirate Roots

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That was exciting. The Oakland Raiders took to the football fields, weight rooms and swimming pools of Buford, Georgia and we all got to pretend that there was no lockout for a while. Well, it's over now. And we all flow back into the silver-less black abyss that is the NFL lockout. At least there is the buffer of Memorial Day Weekend to keep us entertained.

The players ended their workouts with a little bonding and camaraderie while returning to their Raider roots on the high seas. They went out on this dinghy: Jump over for a pic of their barely sea worthy vessel.


Wait. Where do the oars go? How does this boat move? This picture comes to us via Nick Miller's Twitter, as he let us all know, "I'm on a boat, bitch."

It sounded and looked like the Raiders enjoyed their night of yachting. This pic comes to us via Taiwan Jones Twitter:


It's good to see the guys together after working out. It is also good to see and hear that the cruise went off without a hitch. As the '05 Vikings taught, some people go out on boats for more than male bonding.