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Video: Oakland Raiders' Top 10 Moments of 2010

(via xHaVoCxHD)

I really don't know if these videos help or hurt the pain of the lockout. On one hand, football highlights never suck, and beyond that Raider highlights are never less than awesome.

This video is especially tantalizing/nerve racking as it is all from 2010, which gets me silly jacked for a season I am reduced to hoping for. This video is all about the top 10 moments of 2010. The first thing that jumps out at me watching this video is there was a lot of great moments last year. I am trying to pick my favorite and it is almost impossible. I've forced myself to a decision. Here are my top three:

The butt kicking off the Broncos was amazingly fun and shocking, but it lacked the adrenaline to push it past the next two.

Tyvon's return to seal the deal against the Chargers is a play I will never forget. I was certain the Chargers were going to march in for a last second victory, and keep their depressing winning streak against the Raiders in tact. Then in one glorious blitzkrieg play it was over. However, when it happened I thought there was a good chance his arm was going forward and it would be called back. I get the fear every time the refs go to the replay tent of horrors.

That leaves me with Jacoby Ford against the Chiefs. In this video they include his late game and OT catch into one, which is just too much awesomeness to pass on. Ford's first catch was a flat out steal. It has been a long time since I have seen a Raider receiver make a catch that great. Ronald Curry's one-hander in the endzone against the Broncos maybe? Either way, those were the two catches heard around my neighborhood 'cause I was bouncing off the walls.

What's your favorite 2010 moment?