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Pirate Booty: Recapping the Week of Raider News 5/23 - 5/29

In the offseason there isn't a whole lot of new news coming out on the weekends. So, I figured I'd throw out a recap of the week's news for the Oakland Raiders. So, if you have been tuning in there will be nothing original for you here. If you haven't (where have you been?) you can catch up right quick like in Cliff's Notes version. After all, it was a busy week. The Raiders were working out. Jump over...


NFL Lockout: Oakland Raiders Will Not Cut Pay of Coaches


Richard Seymour has been busy proving his worth to the Raiders, but not in the eyes of the experts. He was ranked they 65th best player in the NFL.

Seymour, Waters Seen As Less Than Leach In Top 100 | Football News Now

ESPN's John Clayton gives his take on Nnamdi's chances of returning to the Raiders:

NFL: Defenses may suffer in 2011 - ESPN
The $31.5 million contract given to Stanford Routt probably kills the chance of Nnamdi's coming back. I don't think the Raiders can afford paying Routt more than $10 million a year and paying Richard Seymour $15 million a year and then come back and sign Nnamdi for another $15 million a year. I think he's out of Oakland.


34 Raiders filled a high school football field in Buford,GA for a workout and some light 7-on-7. The articles below have plenty of quotes, pics and the piece has video interviews. news: Seymour's solo act sets intense tone during Raiders' workout
There are certain guys in the NFL who make a difference with their play. There are others, like Richard Seymour that make a difference with their presence.

Richard Seymour leads the way on field and off as Oakland Raiders gather for workout - San Jose Mercury News
Raiders defensive lineman organizes Georgia workouts

A couple of weeks ago we talked about ESPN polling Raider fans to pinpoint their defining moment. We chose the arrival of Al Davis and so did they.

Flash Points: Franchise-turning events - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Examining the most crucial event in the history of every team in the division. There is no one in professional sports quite like Al Davis.


Camp Seymour, Day 2 - Inside the Oakland Raiders
Notes and quotes as relayed by correspondent Ben Beitzel of the Gwinnett Daily Post at a passing camp attended by Raiders’ players in the Atlanta area.

Due to its location and being through competitive edge sports the Raiders practice became a destination for about 20 players from other teams. news: Go time: Raiders challenge players from other teams in 7-on-7
Players from multiple teams have been holding such sessions among their own groups for weeks, but this is believed to be the first seven-on-seven workout with players from different teams during the lockout, which is in its third month.

Matt Williamson of Scouts.Inc is a big Lamarr Houston. We highlighted it earlier when Williamson named the Raiders for having the best defensive line in the AFC West. Well, Williamson is back to tout the young defensive lineman again.

Soon to be stars: Lamarr Houston - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Houston proved to be a great run defender with an excellent combination of power and quickness. He plays low, is quick to shed and will get better and better with this as he enhances his hand placement when taking on a block. And who better than Richard Seymour to teach Houston such a skill?


The pool workouts that the Raiders went through on Thursday sounded grueling. It seems like these guys were working muscles that the weights weren't getting to.

Oakland Raiders Lockout Workouts: Players Cover Themselves - Silver And Black Pride
A look at what the Raiders had to say about their Thursday workout

Check out this ranking of NFL QBs. I think it is safe to say the author, Gil Alcaraz IV, is not a big fan of Jason Campbell.

Top 33 quarterbacks heading into the 2011 NFL season: Fan's view - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
30. Jason Campbel: Campbell is lucky to even make this list. The Raiders expected him to be the missing piece, but he couldn't even hold his starting spot the entire season.

Campbell was the last name on the ranking. Numbers 31-33 were the top incoming rookies. To further the slight Campbell was well behind Carson Palmer (who is reportedly retiring), Donovan McNabb (who nobody really wants) and three QBs who are currently backups: Kevin Kolb, Shaun Hill and Matt Flynn.


We'll begin with the end...of the Raiders workouts. They ended it all, like any good Raider should, on their pirate ship.

Oakland Raiders Lockout Workouts End in Pirate Roots - Silver And Black Pride

And from the workouts to the void of the lockout they go. It is evident by the highly organized workouts the team just had, and the highly motivated corp of players on their team that the negative effects on this team are going to be limited. Still that hasn't stopped others from suggesting Hue Jackson is one of the coaches most negatively effected by the lockout. John Clayton is the latest to put him in that category:

NFL: 10 coaches hit hard by the lockout - ESPN
8. Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson: Thanks to Jackson's play calling and the work he did with Jason Campbell, the Raiders went 8-8 and Jackson went from interim coach to head coach. Owner Al Davis won't accept a drop-off or excuses, even though everyone sees the potholes in the road ahead. Jackson has to revamp the offensive line completely. He probably will lose Nnamdi Asomugha and Michael Huff in the secondary. Defensive end Richard Seymour held a Raiders workout for players this week but he did it in Georgia, where he lives, not Oakland.