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What is the Oakland Raiders Biggest Need in Free Agency?

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I am approaching the finish line for spotlighting right tackle free agent targets. To decide what position to highlight next and just out of curiosity I'd thought I'd poll everyone on their thoughts on the free agent needs. I see a lot of sentiment that people want the Raiders to target a wide receiver. While I don't doubt that a solid possession and veteran receiver would do wonder for the Raiders offense—I don't see the Raiders signing any receivers.

Another position I see on wishlists in OLB. This is another position where I just don't see the Raiders looking to add anyone. I think we can throw corner into that group as well. The Raiders have made a commitment to youth in these positions.

But hey, vote for whatever position you want. This poll is not about who you think the Raiders will target, but what you think they should target. My list would go RT, FS, OG, OLB, CB