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Video Proof that Newest Oakland Raider Denarius Moore Can Fly

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I've been visiting with some Tennessee fans, and in between Lane Kiffin jokes we have been discussing one of the Raiders latest gems, Denarius Moore. Hopefully, a little more insight will be added, and I'll share all of their thoughts with you later. However, one of the fans pointed me to this video, and it is so awesome I had to post it now.

I think that may qualify for flying. How did he keep his left foot off of the ground? The spin out of the tackle is impressive enough, but that dive is something that will drive fans out of their seats, energize a team, and give everyone something they will never forget. 

While Moore has his faults such as inconsistent hands, and less than eye-popping production it is becomming clear that the dude is a Play Maker and a football player. I can't wait to see this guy take the field. And don't worry, there will be plenty of more on Moore in the coming days, but for now watch this vid a time or 500.