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Steve Smith Wants to be Traded to the Oakland Raiders

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Steve Smith wants to be traded to the Oakland Raiders or the San Diego Chargers. At least according to what Chuck Carroll, of Football News Now, has reported hearing from a source. And that would be the Carolina Panther Steve Smith—in cast the pic didn't give it away, or the fact that the Giant Steve Smith is a free agent. Who knows how accurate or close to the situation his source is? I haven't followed Carroll close enough to know how his track record on such things are.

Just connecting the dots the reports make sense. Smith suffered through some miserable QB play and season in 2010. And that is a reality that is not likely to change anytime soon. Smith is about to turn 32, and I am sure he is anxious to find a new situation. He is from California, and both the Chargers and the Raiders feature offenses that are ideal fits for big playmaking receivers. Carroll also offered this bit of insight:

It has been widely reported Smith has already cleared out his locker and residence in Carolina. He wants to return home.

Smith is under contract for two more seasons—$7 million for next year and $7.75 for 2012. I am not aware of any no trade clause in his contract. So where he wants to be traded may be worth about as much as who I want the Raiders to trade for.

I really have little bearing on what Smith would command in a trade. Last year the Patriots traded a fourth-round selection for 31-year-old Deion Branch. However, Branch had extensive injury history, and was never as good as Smith to begin with. On the other hand, it was during the season and the Patriots were a little desperate to add a receiver, which means they likely overpaid. Given that, I think Smith would likely command a third round selection, but who knows?

I imagine the Panthers would be looking for draft picks to help along their rebuilding process, and the Raiders are already running low on 2011 picks. For the Raiders past, they have been reluctant to bring in any veteran receivers, and have been content to go with the young guys.

I do know that I'd be jacked to see Smith in this offense, and to have Smith teach the tricks of the trade to the remarkably similar Jacoby Ford. I also know that I would be relatively shocked if this happened. And if it doesn't, here's to hoping he doesn't go to the Chargers!