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2011 NFL Lockout: Does Expedited Appeal Mean We Have to Wait Longer For Football?

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Wasn't it nice when our darkened football world was lifted from the weight of the 2011 NFL lockout for that glorious 48 hours or so? Well, then the 11 judges (which I shall now call the Supreme Bum-Outs) that make up the 8th District Court, decided that they would grant the NFL's requested emergency stay. And the lockout was back on. Besides the emergency stay the NFL had also requested a permanent stay pending an appeal and that said appeal be of the expedited variety.

Well, yesterday the Supreme Bum-Outs decided to grant the NFL their motion for that expedited appeal. Which is good, in that something in this process now falls under the umbrella of "expedited." This expedited appeal accelerates the timetable for a verdict, and from what I understand a decision on the appeal could come in June. It should be no later than July. Had this appeal process not been expedited it would like last into August or even September.

The bad news is that this decision seems to pave the way for the Supreme Bum-Outs to grant the permanent stay pending the appeal. So there you have it. Something in the lockout is finally expedited, but it likely means that we have to wait longer for football.

And the blacker than black lining to this black cloud is that if the appeal is overturned then we are right back to square one. Ugh! Just get to negotiating already!