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Seis de Mayo: A Raider Nation Holiday of the Highest Order

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Happy Seis de Mayo everyone! As JaKe reminded us yesterday, today is a glorious day in Raiders' history. Today is the day that the nation dropped a fat deuce (copyrighted by transparent58). Yes, that right kiddies—exactly one year ago today the Raiders divorced JaCoughs-a-lot, JaWalrus, JaAint-Got-No-Job-No-More, Ja-Insert-Awesome-And-Well-Deserved-Nickname-Here.

His release marked the end to a sad and frustrating era in Oakland Raiders football, and the results were felt immediately. It was like the depressed state of Raider Nation was delivered a giant dose of Prozac. It was like a fat, giant weight was lifted from the organization's shoulders.

We are far enough removed from this blubbery debacle that a silver lining has poked out from behind the distended cloud. JaMarcus' obese failure left such an impression on Al Davis that it actually changed his drafting philosophy. Gone are the days when Davis was content to draft players bounding with talent but possessing wilted enthusiasm. He has shifted to self-motivated and football starved athlete-beasts.

This move also served notice to players already on the roster. When Davis cut the rotund sieve he severed the security of entitlement any player may have felt. In fact, it paid immediate dividends as Tommy Kelly showed up to camp in shape and ready to work.

We saw the transformation not just in individuals, but in the team. The Raiders finally became accountable, and they finally started to care again.

This is a great day in the Nation! Let us rejoice, and let us tip our bottles of cough syrup and purple drank in honor of the fallen cheeseburgers and burritos who valiantly gave their existence to hasten this morbid, but now fruitful outcome.