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NFL Lockout: Roger Goodell Feigns Super Frustration

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Oh, poor Roger Goodell is frustrated about the NFL Lockout. I know this, because I read this article on ESPN title Roger Goodell expresses frustrations. The article is based from comments he recently made on a conference call with Kansas City Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt and Chiefs season ticket holders. At lest this makes it all a little more understandable. I get frustrated when I talk to Chiefs fans, too.

However, Goodell's expressed frustration stems from the lack of negotiations. Jump over if you dare....

Unfortunately, I don't think we're making much progress in negotiations because they really aren't happening. Right now, it's in a litigation phase and the union is pursuing that while we are defending that. Unfortunately, there are not enough negotiations, which ultimately it's going to have to come back to and is where this will get resolved and end in a new collective bargaining agreement.

Does he honestly think fans are going to sit around and say, "Oh those poor owners can't get back to the negotiations that they were going to enter into with good faith, because they are being sued by the mean old player's union?"

There is nothing stopping the two sides from continuing their negotiations. Except for the fact that the outcome of this litigation changes the balance of power. This litigation is going to determine who gets a bigger piece of the pie. So, both sides have taken a collective time out.

In the meantime, Roger Goodell comes out and tells fans at the NFL Draft that he hears them when they boo and say they want football, and then he comes out in an orchestrated call with NFL fans to release a canned statement designed to push public perception towards the fact that the player's suit to lift the lockout is actually keeping everyone from football.

The only thing keeping us from football is greed. Everyone involved is being greedy, and it is the fan that is taking the brunt of it. It's ridiculous. However, the NFL vs. the players is not really the most interesting or meaningful aspect of this. And that fact was vaguely touched on in this conference call with Chiefs fans. I'll have more on that in part two. I can only take this in small doses.