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Send a Question to Oakland Raider Zach Miller

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The fine folks over at Sporting News have an interview scheduled with our very own Oakland Raider, Zach Miller. They did this earlier with Nnamdi Asomugha, and just like that time they want these questions to come from the fans. The folks at The Sporting News have a decent collective head on their shoulders and they know when it comes to quality Raiders info and queries that Silver and Black Pride is the place to go. Here is the quote from the SN people about our questions for Nnam: "[S&BP members] produced some of the best questions we've ever had."

So, let 'er rip. Ask the man so talented he put up good numbers when JaMarcus Russell was his quarterback anything you like.

The Sporting News could not have picked a better Raider to have access to right now. Big Z is the Raiders player rep. He is also a free agent with five years of experience. That means he is facing the increasing likelihood he will be a restricted free agent. And above and beyond all of that he has been a tremendous player and a terrific Raider.