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Is Steve Smith's Interest in the Raiders and Chargers a Two-Way Street?

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Earlier in the week we discussed a report that, according to a source, Steve Smith wants to play for the Oakland Raiders or the San Diego Chargers next season. I am not sure this is a move the Raiders would be interested in. Especially if they had to trade to get him. It might be something more plausible if he were cut. Even then, the Raiders have been committed to developing their young guys at receiver, and they just added a new youngster in Denarius Moore to the mix.

The Chargers interest is another story. And according to the San Diego Union Tribune people with knowledge of the situation say the Chargers are interested, and they are monitoring on a wait and see basis. The wait and see suggests the door is certainly open for another team to out-price the Chargers for Smith. That is certainly something I don't see the Raiders doing, but I hope some team does. I don't like the idea of Smith running around to haul in Philip Rivers passes.