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NFL Power Rankings: Appallingly, Oakland Raiders Are Not No. 1

The latest NFL power rankings are out. Sure, teams haven't even been able to sign free agents yet, but that can't stop Mr. Adam Caplan from releasing the ladder of NFL power on Fox Sports. So take these ranking for what you will. I am not taking them for much as Senor Caplan loses all credibility with me right off the bat when he starts his rankings with the Green Bay Packers over the Oakland Raiders for the coveted king of the Caplan totem position.

I guess you can't really argue with him too much. The Packers had a decent season last year, and they are pretty much returning everyone on a young team. That's alright, he is kind enough to give us more to pick on him for.

Cruising down his list we find the first AFC West team at No. 12, and no that's not the Raiders either. It's the Chargers. I guess the Chargers are going to have to suck for two straight seasons before the media stops trying to play them up. The Chiefs are right behind the Chargers at 13.

We then have to travel down six more spots before we find the Raiders at 19. So mark Caplan down on your "I told you so list" under the non-believer category. His shameful placement of the Raiders on this list is not surprising given his opinion of Jason Campbell. He gave a brief assessment of each teams draft to go along with the rankings. Here is his take on the Raiders:

You have to like the players the Raiders selected, especially since they didn’t own a first-round pick. But what didn't get settled is quarterback. Jason Campbell has done nothing to show that he's the guy.

I don't know—nothing may be a tad harsh. I suppose Caplan would have preferred the Raiders didn't take a few of the players that he liked in order to reach for a QB like many other teams did. 

Alright, I am out for the day. Happy Mother's Day you crazy mothas. Kiss you moms for me...but not with your own mouths—I've seen how you guys talk!